Composite bi-metal CuAl busbar

Alternative to the solid copper.
CUPONAL – is light as aluminum, conductive as copper.
CUPONAL is a bi-metal composite material for use as electrical connection in switch cabinets, switchboards and distribution boards.

A core of aluminum is pressed with a coat of copper, so that both form an inseparable unit. This will allow the positive characteristics of electrically highly conductive copper with the light weight of aluminum combined optimally.

CUPONAL busbars has number of advantages over conventional solid copper busbars:

• Weight savings
• Processing, such as copper bars (drilling, bending, cutting …)
• Improved heat dissipation over a larger surface
• Cost savings through lower material costs
• Advantages of copper and aluminum are combined
• Copper surface (low contact resistance)
• Thermal short circuit similar to that of copper, since the current flows during transient  conditions on the outer surface of the conductor (skin effect)
• Lower cost for transport
• Smaller price fluctuations due to lower copper content easy handling


CUPONAL has been approved for use in equipment by many authorities, including the following:
Germanischer Lloyd; Det Norske Veritas; ABS; Bureau Veritas; Lloyds Register of Shipping: SABS; ULA; National Power Supply Company; National Grid Company; electrical and water utilities.


CUPONAL complies with BS 159:1957, and conforms to DIN 43670 Part2. The aluminium core is of electrical grade and the copper cladding is to BS 2871/C101



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