ISOFLEXX technical data

Conductor Isoflexx® Classic Isoflexx® Premium
Material E-Cu 99.9
E-Cu 99.9
dip-tinned (standard)
dip-tinned (standard)
E-Al MgSi 0.5
(special production)
E-Al MgSi 0.5
(special production)
Lamella thickness 1.0 mm standard width – 21 mm
0.8 mm for width – 9 mm / 15,5 mm0.5 mm for width – 9 mm / 13 mm
1.0 mm standard
0.8mm (special fabrication)
0.5 mm (special production)
Electrical conductance 57 S x m/mm² 57 S x m/mm²
Firmness 180 -220 N/mm² (F20) 180 -220 N/mm² (F20)

Insulation Isoflexx® Classic Isoflexx® Premium
Material Special high-quality PVC mixture High-quality silicone (halogen free)
Self-extinguishing UL94 VO UL94 VO
softener migration steady, homogeneous, extruded profile,
compatible with construction materials like polycarbonate, polymethyl methacrylate, etc. halogen free
Colour yellow/green, brown, blue, black grey, brown, etc.
Thickness approx. 1.6 mm 2 mm
Disruptive strength 20,000 V/mm 20,000 V/mm
Extension max. 370 % 390 %
Operating temperatures -20°C/+105°C self-extinguishing according UL94 VO -50°C/+180°C
self-extinguishing according UL94 VO
Operating voltage 1,000 VAC/1,500 VDC 1,000 VAC/1,500 VDC

Dimensions Isoflexx® Classic Isoflexx® Premium
Length 2,000mm (standard) variable lengths of 250-3,000 mm 2,000mm (standard) variable lengths of 250-3,000 mm
Width 6 – 63 mm 20 – 120 mm

Norms and Standards
Isoflexx® Classic Isoflexx® Premium
VDE 0281 VDE 0281
Underwriters laboratories (UL) Underwriters Laboratories ( UL)
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

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